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Super Prophets offers a complete solution for investors looking to take control and streamline the way they invest to super-size their portfolio. Created by the team behind Fat Prophets who have been serving a tight-knit community of smart investors since 2000, Super Prophets can provide you with everything you need to successfully manage and grow your wealth. This could be through the tax advantaged vehicle of super, by direct investment or a combination of both.

Whether you’re an experienced investor or simply looking to streamline and reduce the complexity to the way you manage your investment portfolio, Super Prophets can help. Our experienced team of researchers and analysts and Super Prophets’ consolidated self-management platform are ready to help take your wealth creation to the next level.

We stay ahead of the curve

so you can too

As always, our research, recommendations and funds management services are backed by our experienced team of analysts. We are not paid by any of the companies that we recommend in our research reports because our members’ interests come first. Our analysts are frequently in the news providing insights and commentary around important financial issues. It’s likely you have already seen us in Bloomberg, CNBC, Sky Business, Sydney Morning Herald or the ABC.

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Why choose fatPROPHETS direct?


If you’re not already part of the Fat Prophets community you may be asking yourself why you should work with Super Prophets from amongst a range of investor services or platform providers. From our perspective, the reason is simple – when it comes to smart investing, we know what we’re doing and we’ve been doing it successfully for a long time.

We’re invested in your success


Our research and investment return track record speaks for itself. This is why our membership and investor base continue to grow and many of our founding members are still with us today. There are three main pillars to the Fat Prophets success story that will hold true in your experience with Super Prophets:

  1. We have a passion and an absolute dedication to making you money.
  2. We are totally committed to searching for and picking the best investments with the very best chance of rising in value in the weeks, months and years ahead.
  3. We will offer you an outstanding level of personalised service and user experience.

Why we launched fatPROPHETS direct


Super Prophets was developed in response to demand from our community of self-directed investors who were looking for an innovative way to take control of their wealth. Super Prophets’ integrated self-management platform gives you access to direct investments such as shares including Exchange Traded Funds and Listed Investment Companies, Managed Funds, Fat Prophets’ Managed Accounts, Cash and Term Deposits and allows you to view and manage all of your investments under one roof.

Our approach to

wealth management

At the heart of every recommendation we make is our core Fat Prophets philosophy and approach to investing. We are value investors with a strong contrarian approach – we will advise you to buy sun hats inexpensively in winter because we know summer is coming.

We combine a top down selection process with respect to key sectors in the market and then find the right stocks using bottom up value driven selection criteria. We carry out a combination of fundamentals and technical analysis to deliver the best opportunities to grow your wealth. This is the essence of our approach.

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If you’re ready to get started, send us an email to info@fpdirect.com.au and someone from the Super Prophets team will be in touch shortly to help you get set up.

Or, if you’d like to speak directly with a Super Prophets team member call us on 1300 850 453.

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